Barbara J. Gossett Ph.D., Owner/President Silver Energy Solutions, LLC.
As owner and president of Silver Energy Solutions, LLC, Dr. Barbara Gossett is responsible for the overall corporate and operational management of a dynamic renewable energy organization. In this capacity, she participates in selected key projects in which she takes an active role as a project executive overseeing all aspects of the business. Her background includes 35 years of diverse management experience in educational administration. She has worked at seven universities across the US, and specializes in administration, teaching, enrollment management, student affairs, and customer service. She has significant experience in streamlining processes and services, program development, advising students, certifying graduation, adjudicating student conduct, overseeing international services, and developing systems for large populations. She has also been a private educational consultant and a yoga instructor.
Educationally, Dr. Gossett received her Ph.D. and Master’s degree in higher and adult education and her baccalaureate in business. She is certified in Organizational and Executive Coaching from New York University and Management Development from the University of Missouri. She has been recognized with honors and awards from students and professional associations. She has conducted more than 25 presentations at regional and national conferences and has been published in industry journals.
Joel Silver, Energy Consultant
Mr. Silver is currently working as an IREC Certified Energy Consultant for Silver Energy Solutions and WDFA Installations. His responsibilities includes site inspections, solar and wind analysis and reporting, distribution of products, systems engineering and design, sales and installations. As an energy consultant, he is also actively consulting with numerous international and domestic companies on the development, design and construction of PV solar systems through out the world.
Mr. Silver has served as President and CEO of Silver Consulting Services, Inc. for over sixteen years. He also has acted as President and CEO of Areté Research Corporation, CTO and Director of business development for the Internet and New Media Division of a Federal Contracting Firm. He is an expert in computer programming, multimedia development, video and audio production, events staging, speaker support and business image consulting. He is fluent in several dozen computer languages and has done work as a producer and developer for many high-profile companies including Bristol-Myers- Squibb, Dermik, Andersen Consulting, Lucent Technologies, The Vector Group, EBS, Gordon Phillips, Matrix, Nexus, General Electric, ALCOA, A&E Television Networks, and many others.
Mr. Silver at the age of 12 began his computer education at Penn State University, where he received his masters degree in computer science. He has also attained multiple specialist degrees in computer programming from the Information Computer Systems Institute. In addition to his successful IT related engineering duties, Mr. Silver has served for the last two years as an energy consultant for Silver Energy Solutions. In this capacity
Mr. Silver was responsible for the development, design and installation of numerous renewable energy systems, such as wind turbines, PV solar, and thermal solar systems for government, commercial and residential applications.