Is Solar Right for My Home? Will solar work for my home?

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, almost any home in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area has the potential for a highly productive photovoltaic system. However, there are certain aspects that make solar a more appealing option for homeowners, such as:
A roof with southern exposure: east and west facing homes work as well, but a south facing roof will provide your panels with the longest solar exposure time.
A shade-free roof dramatically improves the production of a solar energy system, so be aware of trees or buildings that may shade your home.
You are in a financial situation where you can benefit from the Federal Investment Tax Credit.
Your home is located in a state that offers rebates for solar installations. See our Residential Solar Pricing page to learn more about the solar rebates that apply to you. How do I initiate the process of getting a solar energy system for my home?
The first step is to collect at least a year of utility bills. This helps Silver Energy Solutions perform a utility analysis to better understand your current energy use. From there, SES will discuss your energy goals (i.e., how much energy do you want to produce) and work with you to design a system specifically for your home. From system design to installation and maintenance, Silver Energy Solutions makes solar power easy.

We will work with you to assess the solar potential of your home and determine what sort of photovoltaic system is the best fit for you. Upon committing to a solar energy project for your home, we will help you apply for the necessary utility rebates.

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