Solar Attic Fans
A solar powered attic vent is an attic ventilation fan that runs solely off solar power. These ventilators fall into the category of active (powered) attic ventilation, where outside air is forced through the attic and out the vent to effectively cool the attic space. This method of attic ventilation is many times more effective than passive (natural) ventilation since the air inside the attic is exchanged more times per hour with a powered vent than with a passive vent.
By removing the hot air from your attic more quickly and efficiently, the process of heat transfer into your home is minimized. The benefits of having a solar attic fan helps you save energy costs and increases the life of your home.
During hot summer months, attic temperatures can exceed 160°. Small, passive roof vents are often woefully inadequate at dissipating this heat. The attic acts like a giant radiator, passing excess heat back into your living spaces and driving temperatures and cooling costs through the roof.
During cold winter months, the heat trapped in your attic can melt the snow that accumulates on your roof. As the water trickles down, it refreezes at the cooler eaves, leading to destructive and costly ice damming.
And all year long trapped moisture wreaks its own brand of havoc. Everyday activities such as showering and cooking produce water vapor that migrates into the attic. This moisture promotes the growth of mold and mildew and, if it saturates your insulation, can lead to fungal decay and destruction of your roof frame and decking.

Remove that unwanted heat and moisture from your attic without increasing your electric bill and save on the many benefits provided by installing a solar attic fan by
Silver Energy Solutions.

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