Installing Solar on Your Home

When you choose Silver Energy Solutions for your solar energy system, our team of solar experts will work with you to design and build the best system possible for your home. From the solar potential of your home, to system design, installation and long term care, Silver Energy Solutions is here to make your solar energy dreams a power producing reality.
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The Solar Installation Process:
Site Assessment: When considering solar for your home, a system designer will work with you to assess the potential of solar for your home. Using a combination of utility billing analysis, satellite imagery, on-site shade evaluation, and roof assessment, our system designers will work with you to provide a no obligation quote for your solar energy system.
Solar Design and Engineering: Our system designers will work with you to design and engineer the best photovoltaic system possible. Silver Energy Solutions also employs licensed electricians and engineers to ensure that your electrical integration is safe and of the highest quality.
Solar Integration: Silver Energy Solutions’ experienced team of solar designers, electricians and system installers work as a cohesive unit to guarantee that your system looks great. Our integration team will coordinate with you to install your new system with minimal disturbance.
Operation and Maintenance: A solar energy system has no moving parts and long term maintenance of your solar energy system is very minimal. However, Silver Energy Solutions proudly warrantees your installation for 10 years to ensure a long lasting energy producing asset for your home. Equipment generally has a warranty of 15 to 25 years.
Did You Know?
Your home’s solar energy system will produce electricity for over 30 years. Pasted Graphic 1