Is solar right for your business?

It seems every day you hear about a new company “going green. Truly going green, in our eyes, is making a sound business decision that financially makes sense and is an overall benefit to the company and to the environment. Installing a solar electric system on your business rooftop allows you to save money on monthly electric bills and conduct a business that has truly gone green.

Assessing Solar for Your Business

Assessing the feasibility for a commercial solar energy system can be daunting. Many businesses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey can benefit from solar, but there are site specific factors and financial situations that can maximize your return on investment. Silver Energy Solutions is here to analyze these factors and provide your business with the optimal solar energy solution.

There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy.

Solar energy can benefit any business operation. It offers your business the independence of owning the power you produce. With over 300 days of sunshine per year, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are among the best places in the world for solar energy. However, there are certain conditions that help make the payback for commercial solar even more attractive: A tax liability allows your business to take advantage of asset depreciation and the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which can dramatically boost your solar system’s return on investment.

State rebates and renewable tax credit reduce the initial costs of the system allowing for a higher return and a 3 to 5 year return on your investment.
A south facing or flat roof with little to no shading optimizes solar yield and reduces costs.
Building ownership removes many system ownership issues associated with leasing property as a tenant.
Strong credit allows for creative financing options to expand your solar budget and free up much needed capital.
An investment in solar energy now delivers savings by hedging against rising electricity costs and fixing your electric expenses far into the future. This solution affords you the knowledge of what you will pay so that you can factor your utilities’ expenses into your budgeting.
Sustainability initiatives Add power to your existing sustainability efforts, or begin building a green identity. A solar electric system can make a strong statement about your company and values. Being a green business is beneficial for your budget and also increases your outreach to customers that support sustainable businesses. By switching to renewable energy, your company is contributing to the environmental benefits of reducing our country's dependence on fossil fuels

How do I initiate the process of getting a solar energy system?

The first step is to collect at least a year of utility bills. This helps Silver Energy Solutions perform a utility analysis to understand your current energy use. From there, Sundance will speak with you about your energy goals (i.e., how much energy do you want to produce) and work with you to design a system specifically for your site. From feasibility analysis and system planning to installation and maintenance, Silver Energy Solutions makes solar power easy.

Did you know?

Current incentives for solar energy result in dramatically fast returns on investment. Between the state rebates, energy credits, federal tax credit, and system depreciation structures, ROI could be as little as one year. This means your business could enjoy up to 29 years of free energy. Silver Energy Solutions has incentive specialists on staff to make sure you get the full rebate.

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