Solar System Thermal – Pools

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You have already made an investment in your pool. Get more out of that investment with pool solar. A few factors are attributed to cooling a pool, which diminishes your ability to swim comfortably. Many are not aware that wind is usually the biggest factor causing temperatures to drop. Dry, windy air sweeps across your body of water causing evaporation; a by-product of this air and water movement is a cooling effect. Night time lows also contribute to a loss of warmth. Some areas can experience dramatic swings in temperature from day to night.
With an adequately sized solar pool heating system, you will not only gain about a month and a half on each end of the pool season but also gain an additional 10-15 degrees of heat during summer.
The cost of a solar system installation is often compared against costs of gas heater usage. As gas prices have climbed, we have seen the average payoff period measuring in at about 3 to 5 years. However, your family will place greater value on extending their swim season.